Comfort food with Flair!
Japanese Cuisine
The most common question I am asked is: "How much will it cost?"

Here are the Top 10 things I need to know that you will need to consider:
  1. What types of food would you like to serve your guest?
  2. How many people will be attending?
  3. What date and time of day will your event take place
  4. Where will you be holding your event?
  5. Is this a formal or casual event?
  6. Will your event be a tray passed event, sit down or buffet service?
  7. Do you need supplies such as flatware, silverware, chaffing dishes, linens or any other equipment?
  8. Is there a specific theme, color scheme or type of decoration needed ?
  9. Do you need me to bring beverages or pair beer and wine for your menu selections?
  10. Do you or any of your guest have dietary restrictions or needs?

Your Custom Menu
I create custom menus for each of my clients according to their favorite foods flavors and preferences. When you contact me I will work with you to design dishes tailored especially to your palate. Please click on the link below to view custom menus I have created  for clients and their events.