Comfort food with Flair!
Japanese Cuisine
Sample of Menu by Chef Danielle Soto
Cupcakes for your event!
What flavors are available ?! Honestly the possibilities are endless. We can get creative with handmade decorations or just go with a  good old fashion buttercream. I can give you anything form traditional to the latest avant-garde flavors. Your favorite colors, fruit, chocolate, herb, liquor, wine or even beer is a great place to start. Dare to think outside the box !

Food Aesthetics
As a Chef and Culinary Artist, food is my canvas. I take great pride in making food beautiful, after all, we eat with our eyes first right?! 
I firmly believe that when artistry is applied to food presentation the sum experience of dining is elevated. My ultimate goal is for the food to appeal to all five of your senses!

Gourmet Food
I will help you create an amazing event with all of your favorite foods using complementary flavor combinations and high quality seasonal ingredients.

Our collaboration will make your event fun and ultimately a success. Together, based on your input, I can create a custom gourmet food menu for you. Menu sample on right created for Savvy CEO Strategies.