Comfort food with Flair!
Japanese Cuisine

About Danielle Soto

To revive nostalgia, comfort, surprise, beauty, art, fun and pleasure through the experience of food. 

To bring you and your loved ones all the joy food has to offer by creating memorable culinary experiences.

Born in sunny southern California she spent her childhood in Torrance CA; a multicultural/multi-ethnic city in the south bay of Los Angeles. Surrounded by good southern food at home and the flavors of the world in her neighborhood, she feels this has significantly influenced her culinary personality. 

She received her formal culinary education form San Diego Culinary Institute in San Diego California. Being artful in pairing influences with modern culinary trends, traditions, seasonal foods and healthy options is a passion. She feels very strongly about using local, organic and sustainable products . Entertaining, cooking and flavor exploration have been a long standing joy in Danielle's life.